Animal Transportation

TAP allows the transportation of animals in Economy Class cabins (subject to a limited number).

General Rules

Governments have set out rules and laws regarding the transportation of live animals. These regulations govern the import, export and transit of animals in their countries and equally provide guidelines on the Health & Vaccination of said animals and the issue of the respective certificates.

This information may be consulted in the TIM Travel Information Manual Airline companies, embassies and consulates may also provide all available information on the transportation of animals.

As long as government laws so permit, the majority of airline companies accepts the transportation of animals on the same flight as the respective passengers, their owners. Some airline companies allow animals to be transported in the cabin together with their owners. Others only authorize the transportation of animals in the hold.

When accepted as transportable by an airline company, animals have to continue their journey in a specific container for this purpose, except in the cases of guide-dogs. Some airline companies sell or lease these containers.

When making a reservation, some details regarding the type of animal and their weight as swell as the size and weight of the container are necessary. In the event the journey in question involves more than one airline company, transportation authorization is required from all the companies involved.

Passengers are responsible for presenting all documents with respect to their animals such as vaccine certificates, health declarations, export and import certificates, etc. They should have also signed a document for the issue of live animals, in addition to arranging for food and water necessary for the entire journey.

Small sized animals such as cats, dogs or birds may be transported in coach and Top Executive on most TAP airliners, subject to space availability.

Guide-dogs accompanying visually impaired and/or deaf passengers may be transported in both classes.

NB: No animals originating or destined for the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland and South Africa will be accepted, not even in transit.

In cabin animal transportation:

Passengers may bring their own animal container or purchase one from TAP.

Animal weight should not exceed 7Kg in addition to the weight of the container. This should not exceed 25cm in height nor the total of all 3 dimensions exceed 115cm. More than one animal of the same type can be carried in the same container which shall be accounted for as a single animal. Each passenger may only carry a single container. This should be charged as excess baggage and never be included in the free baggage allowance to which each passenger is entitled.

Conditions for transporting animals in cabin space differ according to each airline company.

In the event the animal complies with the necessary conditions for cabin transport, the airline company may authorize the animal to travel at their owners feet as long as it does not move about the cabin space or occupy any seating space.

In cases in which the airline company decides that the animal should be transported in a container in the cabin space, this decision must be confirmed and validated by the booking system.

As a general rule, small sized domestic animals may be transported in the cabin space subject to the following conditions:

- They are clean, healthy, odor-free, not pregnant in the case of females, that they are inoffensive and pose no threat capable of disturbing the other passengers;

- They are transported within a sealed container and remain in it throughout the entire journey and that this does not obstruct free passage within the cabin space;

- Government regulations in countries of origin and destination do not stipulate that all animals must be transported as air cargo.

Animal transportation in the hold:

Whenever the necessary conditions for animal transportation in the cabin space cannot be verified, or, whenever an animal is too large and/or heavy, or of large size, or a wild animal or of uncommon nature, the airline company may only accept transportation of the same in the hold, on the same flight as the passenger, subject to a number of conditions:

- When an animal is accepted as cargo in the hold, it should proceed in a specific container in accordance with its respective dimensions and size. When making a reservation, TAP should be informed of all questions and specifications pertinent to the animal to be transported;

- The animal is transported in a container with dimensions appropriate to its volume and weight;

- The passenger arranges for sufficient food and water for the entire journey since it will not be possible to feed or allow animals to exercise during stoppages in transit.
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